Cosmos Ecosystem to be Jointly Relaunched by HBTC Chain and Ti-Labs

Cosmos Ecosystem to be Jointly Relaunched by HBTC Chain and Ti-Labs

HBTC Chain, a decentralized financial structure of Bluehelix Group established in 2018, had released a statement via a Twitter post that it is partnering with Ti-labs to give the Cosmos ecosystem a whole new perspective.

Ti-Labs is a laboratory that is jointly launched by KuChain and IRISnet and is created to develop the Cosmos ecology. Ti-labs got its name from “titanium,” a metal that is needed to make spacecraft. The laboratory fully mobilizes resources for different projects and supports the future development of the Cosmos ecology. Ti-Labs also provides concept inspiration and technical support for the development of the Cosmos projects. In the future, Ti-Labs will also share and integrate project research and development by holding regular technical meetings to provide guidelines for each project’s development.

With this partnership with the HBTC Chain, both the parties agreed to cooperate in developing the Cosmos ecosystem at various levels, like co-building the lost ecology or promoting incubation for the upcoming Cosmos projects. With DeFi becoming the next big thing in the crypto space, the need to solve each blockchain network’s performance constraints and bring improvements in the asset liquidity is the utmost needs of the hour. 

To solve these issues, Ti-labs, along with HBTC Chain, has joined hands to reform and relaunch the Cosmos technical framework in a new form. The new framework will have the potential to satisfy the DeFi needs fully and will also be able to cater to the application layer of the Cosmos ecosystem. 

Both the initiator of Ti-Labs, namely KuChain and the IRISnet team, have agreed to participate in developing the Cosmos/IRISnet ecosystem. To aid the process, Ti-Labs in 2017 established the “Cosmos China community” to distribute the cross-chain technology.  

HBTC Chain is the new contributor to this project, and as its first contribution to developing the Cosmos ecosystem, it developed the Cosmos gene at the very beginning of the project proposal. HBTC Chain developed the new decentralized and cryptographic transversal mechanism. This collaboration between the two teams will allow the quick launch of technology applications, thereby allowing for the Cosmos ecosystem’s rapid expansion.

Moreover, with this partnership, Cosmos ecosystem users will receive Ti-Labs’ support for industrialization and commercialization. Ti-Labs’ integration with HBTC Chain will also provide essential technical support to the Ti-Labs team regarding inter-chain asset transfer, DEX, on-chain stable parts, user applications or development tools, etc. This will, in turn, help the upcoming Cosmos projects to overcome technical problems. The EVM functionality provided by the HBTC Chain will also be useful for migrating projects to deploy smart contracts on the chain, which will further boost the Cosmos ecosystem by opening various DeFi projects.

This partnership between Ti-Labs and HBTC Chain will help the Cosmos ecosystem bloom, with a rich project incubation resource and a strong technological innovation, which will benefit the users of Ti-Labs of HBTC Chain but also the entire industry.

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