Fxwrite.com Team

Donna Archer
Donna Archer is a trade analyst and provides guidelines to people dealing with any kind of trading system. She works as a trade-analyst in our team. She loves exploring new things.
Edith Bourque
Edith Bourque works as a chief editor in team. He has 6 years of experience as an editor. He has keen interest in journalism and loves reading news-stories. He is an avid book reader.
Hugo Gonzalez
Hugo Gonzalez is a content writer and focuses on topics related to finance and cryptocurrencies. He writes latest finance news-stories for our team. He has 3 years of experience as a freelance content writer.
Jeanette Demott
Jeanette Demott is a crypto analyst and loves investing in cryptocurrencies. She expertises in cryptocurrency exchanges. She is known to number of cryptocurrencies and has deep knowledge of every cryptocurrency.
Laurel Rodriguez
Laurel Rodriguez is an excellent news-writer and leads our team of news-writers. She majorly works on finance and forex news-stories. She also writes finance blogs in her free time.
Reid Wainwright
Reid Wainwright worked as a freelance writer at initial stage of his career. His content focus majorly on crypto-exchanges. He guides people dealing with crypto-exchanges. He works as a crypto-news content writer in our team.

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FxWrite offers a holistic view of forex news and technical analysis to keep the traders updated. We focus heavily on regularly updating foreign currency, commodities, and trading strategies. We are leading source to provide up-to-the-moment market updates and cryptocurrency news feeds.
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