AnalystQ Review 2021: In-depth Analysis

Making money by trading assets, although common! But it is not as simple as it sounds. It gets even more tricky when one tries to earn money by trading in cryptos. In our AnalystQ review, we will analyze AnalystQ, a dynamic online trading broker, enabling traders to make money even when they do not own the necessary assets like cryptocurrencies. Let’s start with understanding what AnalystQ is? And, how easily can one make money using this platform?

AnalystQ is a comprehensive online trading broker, enabling traders to build and manage financial portfolios while making money via trading. Analyst Q also facilitates profitable trade with a wide array of assets or trading instruments. And, these asset classes include and are not limited to currency, cryptocurrency, and commodities. In this review, you will discover the salient features, which makes AnalystQ a dynamic online trading broker.

Introduction about Analyst Q

Established in February 2020, AnalystQ trading platform is an online trading broker, incorporated in the Commonwealth of Dominica. As an immensely popular online trading platform, AnalystQ has a massive client base spanning over 170 countries and growing. With over 1600 assets to trade from over five asset classes, Analyst Q offers a myriad of both new age and old school trading tools for both beginners and advanced traders.

AnalystQ Reviews – Why to Choose Analyst Q?

Although quite a new web-based broker, the AnalystQ trading platform has amassed quite a popularity as one of earning money via Bitcoin trading. Analyst Q’s primary reason for the rising popularity is that it has the largest range of assets offered by any online trading platform globally.

An All-encompassing Online Trading Broker

AnalystQ offers many online trading platforms for a multitude of devices like PC, tablet, Android, iOS smartphones, etc. However, Analyst Q online trading broker is not limited to managing and building a financial portfolio and asset trading. Analyst Q offers various trading based educational or online courses, access to lucrative trading webinars, personalized trading strategies, expert’s investment advice, live market updates, and suggestions for profitable trading.

AnalystQ Salient Features

While it supports users to trade a myriad of assets, AnalystQ offers various types of training related to trading. And, as an online trading brokerage, it caters to a broad spectrum of traders, right from beginners or new traders to advanced or professional traders. Similarly, the platform provides different types of trading accounts, which the users can choose from based on their trading skills and trading funds.

Key features

  • Dedicated personal relationship managers and sales traders.
  • Updated market analysis to assess high risk trading options.
  • Supports copy trading.
  • Crypto to fiat currency trading.
  • Minimum funding requirement of 500 USDT or equivalent BTC.
  • Quick response time and better user interface.
  • Trading alerts sent as SMS and emails to user’s email address
  • 24/7 customer service via WhatsApp, Telegram, email, etc.

Types of trading accounts

1.Primary Account

While the primary account is ideal for users with a minimum funding requirement of BTC equivalent of 500 USDT, it is further divided into the following tiers;

AnalystQ Reviews - Primary Account Types
AnalystQ Reviews – Primary Account Types

2.Professional Accounts

As the name suggests, it is for traders with intermediate trading skills. It is of the following two types:

Analyst Q Review - Professional Accounts Types
Analyst Q Review – Professional Accounts Types

3.AutomatiQ Account

Ideal for advanced traders with preferences for automated trading. While it features trading robots, it is also known as a trade on autopilot account.

AnalystQ Reviews - AutomatiQ Account
AnalystQ Reviews – AutomatiQ Account

While the different trading accounts share most of the features, they differ in terms of the minimum funding amount. For instance, the MarginQ account requires a minimum deposit amount of 75,000 USDT or 7.8 BTC, while the Platinum account requires a minimum deposit amount of 15.6 BTC.

How to create a trading account on Q?

Analyst Q Review  - how does it works?
Analyst Q Review – how does it works?

To trade on AnalystQ, users must first create a trading account by registering their email address and creating a password.

The next step involves funding of the user’s trading account. Please note, users can deposit Bitcoins or BTC only. All payments must be made to the e-wallet address of

Once the account is established with the required funds, traders can select the trading strategies, analyze low or high risk to make informed trading decisions.

Types of trading platforms supported

  • MetaTrader 5
  • WebTrader
  • Android Trading app Platform
  • iPhone Trading App or the iOS Trader
  • Tablet Trading App Platform

Asset classes supported

As stated at the beginning of this review, AnalystQ offers over 1600 assets, divided among the following asset classes;

AnalystQ Reviews - Trade from over five trading instruments
AnalystQ Reviews – Trade from over five trading instruments

Currency options

Forex is a trending financial market, which is often synonymous with currency trading to make money. However, in the last decade, cryptocurrency-fiat currency pair trading has become the latest buzzword in the financial market, and is on par with Forex where making money is concerned. While facilitating currency trading options, Analyst Q also offers Forex based webinars, proven Forex trading strategies, expert advice, etc.

Although the online broker presently does not facilitate Forex pair trading, Analyst Q, nevertheless, supports Crypto-fiat currency pair trading.

While Q also offers users the convenience of effective pricing for different currencies, numerous pips, etc., it also provides accurate, real-time forex market assessment for lucrative trading.


Most often, users can trade assets or commodities only when they own them. However, at Analyst Q, users can trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), etc. even when they actually do not own them.

AnalystQ broker offers future-facing asset tools that further the execution of lucrative trading of cryptos. Backed by expert trading tips and strategies, AnalystQ is one of the safest online trading software for the highly volatile cryptocurrencies.

Precious Metals

It is often imperative to diversify one’s trading portfolio and investing in precious elements or metals is a sure-fire way of achieving this objective. Q facilitates trading CFDs in a variety of precious elements or metals like gold, silver, and platinum, among others.

Soft Commodities

Futures contracts, ETFs, or exchange-traded funds, options, to name a few, are some of the means of trading soft assets. Analyst Q broker supports profitable trading of soft assets or commodities like coffee, sugar, cotton, cocoa, etc. even during downtrends as it allows soft futures to be shorted.

Energy Commodities

Analyst Q supports the trading of renewable and non-renewable energy assets or commodities like coal, oil, biomass, petroleum, etc. While the platform features risk management tools, expert advice, etc., it also provides a safe and secure environment for trading.

Coaching in trading

Coaching in trading is vital to learn and understand the key elements of trading online for profiting or making money. Analyst Q offers the appropriate trading-related educational courses based on the trader’s caliber or experience level. Education at the AnalystQ platform will help traders understand capital and trade management, assessing volatility, profits, and losses. And, Education at Q is further divided into the following categories;

1) Educational Courses

Educational courses for a broad spectrum of traders ranging from new to advanced traders. These courses cover topics like leveraging cryptocurrency, market trends, indices, trading strategies, to name a few.

2) Online Trading Courses

Unlike the educational courses, online trading courses are handcrafted for users who can choose their own schedule as per their convenience.

3) Personal Trading Courses

Personal trading courses involve one-on-one coaching provided by Q-certified trainers or trading experts.


In a nutshell, AnalystQ is a single online trading brokerage with many facets listed above.

In this AnalystQ review, we observed that the AnalystQ broker is a dynamic trading platform for various traders. The online platform provides accurate trading signals and proven strategies from expert advisors while ensuring your money is safe with you.

Our verdict, AnalystQ, is ideal for traders interested in pursuing a career in trading. As part of the services offered, AnalystQ also provides crypto funding, margin, and leveraged loans. Traders also get unlimited access to high-end trading webinars, trading course materials, trading strategies, etc., while also getting key trading insights from trading advisors.


1. Is AnalystQ a legit trading platform?

It is a legit trading web-based platform. Nevertheless, the users must comply with their jurisdictions’ legalities while all rights reserved by AnalystQ broker to fine or penalize dormant or inactive accounts.

2. Is the AnalystQ mobile app available?

While AnalystQ has mobile trading apps, they are different for various electronic devices. For instance, the iOS trader or iPhone trading app is for iOS devices, while the Android trading app is specifically suited for Android-based devices and smartphones. The various Analyst Q apps are listed in this review. Also, irrespective of the trading apps, users must log in using their registered email address.

3. Does AnalystQ offer funding support?

Yes. Analyst Q offers crypto funding support along with margin loans and leveraged loans. And, thus, helps traders make money even when they do not have active funds.

4.Is there any inactivity fees for dormant accounts?

If any user’s account remains inactive for a stipulated time frame, a certain inactivity fee applies. However, it is not the case with AutomatiQ account. The various types of trading accounts are listed in this review blog.

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